Who Is A Better Detective Batman Or Sherlock Holmes?

Is Tim Drake a better detective than Batman?

Tim managed to get the better of Ra’s, who referred to him as ‘Detective’, a title reserved only for Batman.

Tim’s intellect makes him one of the greatest detectives in comics, and it could be argued that he will eventually become a better detective than Batman when he reaches his prime..

Who is the most famous detective?

Sherlock HolmesPerhaps the most famous detective of all time Sherlock Holmes was first penned in 1887 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Is Batman a detective or a vigilante?

Since his introduction in Detective Comics #27 in May of 1939, the masked vigilante known as Batman has also been called the Caped Crusader and the Dark Knight.

Is L smarter than Sherlock?

So my final conclusion is Sherlock may be little ahead of L in IQ, but in detective skills L is ahead of Sherlock.

What is Batman IQ?

11. Bruce Wayne’s alleged IQ trumps Albert Einstein’s. Batman’s stated IQ is an unbelievable 192, several notches above the famed theoretical physicist, who was estimated to have an IQ between 160 and 180.

Is Bruce Wayne a detective?

Bruce Wayne was a detective inspired by the vigilantes he was supposed to arrest to become Batman.

Is Batman the greatest detective?

This is why Batman is rightly considered the World’s Greatest Detective in DC Comics. He has a phenomenal intelligence and a logical mind, allowing him to piece together myriad clues and use them to counter his enemies’ strategies.

Who is the most famous real detective?

Top ten real life detectivesJay J Armes. … Rebecca Sutton. … Dave Toschi. … William E Fairbairn. … Francois Vidocq. … Allan Pinkerton. … Mary Doyle. Mary Doyle is the Chief Superintendent of the Manchester Police Force. … Kate Warne. Kate Warne was the first and only female detective Allan Pinkerton ever hired, and she was deeply influential.More items…

Who is the greatest detective in DC?

SHERLOCK HOLMES#1: SHERLOCK HOLMES The true greatest detective in the history of the DC Universe… is also the greatest detective in a great many others.

Who is smarter near or light?

Apart from L, Near is easily the next-smartest character in the series, smarter even than his partner, Mello. The reason being is that Near is the one who actually manages to survive. Although he probably wouldn’t have caught Light and made it as far as he did without the help of L and Mello.

Does Tim Drake became the Joker?

Though not a story from the comics, Tim Drake still saw himself as the Joker for a time. During the Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) movie, it was revealed that the Joker once kidnapped him and, using all sorts of chemicals and advanced technology, brainwashed Tim and turned him into his own sidekick.

Who is better L or Sherlock?

Round 1: L seems to have much better feats in planning and manipulation than pure deduction, at least compare to Sherlock where we spend all our time watching him work as a detective and following his thought process. Round 2: L stomps this round.

How good of a detective is Batman?

Detective chimp is the best detective in Dc but Batman is the best allrounder in all types of investigation. … He’s not a good detective because he has advanced equipment, he’s a good detective because he has high levels of intelligence, training and natural skills of deductive reasoning.

What is Sherlock Holmes IQ?

Radford estimates Holmes’ IQ at 190, which places him much, much higher than our crazy-haired scientist. Since then, there have been many more studies on this fictional character leading people to lower his intelligence rating, but he still remains one of the smartest characters ever written.

How does Tim Drake die?

In the Futures End series, an older Tim Drake takes the role of Batman after Terry McGinnis dies. In 2015 Drake stars in the new Batman Beyond series. In the series, Tim Drake faked his death during the war between Prime-Earth and Earth-2 and became a bar owner by the name of Cal Corcoran.