What Is A Sentence For Conduct?

What is the meaning of good conduct?


satisfactory, proper, or polite conduct.

conduct conformable to law; orderly conduct: The convict’s sentence was reduced for good behavior.

proper fulfillment of the duties of an office, especially a public office: The incumbent could not be discharged during good behavior..

What is conduct in the workplace?

Disciplinary procedures To manage these issues, your disciplinary process might cover two areas: employee performance and general workplace conduct. Conduct issues might include lateness, refusal to cooperate, misuse of IT or bullying. It might even include violent behaviour and other crimes.

What do you mean by conduct?

noun. personal behavior; way of acting; bearing or deportment. direction or management; execution: the conduct of a business. the act of conducting; guidance; escort: The curator’s conduct through the museum was informative.

What is a sentence for charge?

Charge sentence examples. Before she could object, Kiki took charge again. I will be in charge of your initiation. Besides, after he inherited, he could always put someone in charge of the estate.

How do we conduct?

Conduct sentence examplesSuddenly all those annoying rules of conduct began to make sense. … He will conduct you to the Minister of War. … Howie left for his apartment shortly after we’d agreed to conduct his proposed test. … There are tests I could conduct that would give us direction and maybe some answers but he refuses to even discuss them.More items…

What’s the difference between conduct and behavior?

The difference between Behavior and Conduct. When used as nouns, behavior means human conduct relative to social norms, whereas conduct means the act or method of controlling or directing. … Behavior as a noun (uncountable): Human conduct relative to social norms.

How do you use conduct in a sentence?

Conducted sentence examplesWe conducted one more test before lunch. … According to his notes, far more experiments were conducted than were ever discussed with us. … Our group conducted only three cases as we now called them and none were noteworthy. … Brady had conducted many missions in austere conditions in other countries.More items…

What are examples of code of conduct?

Types of code of conductCompany’s values.Employee behaviors.Dress code.Tardiness/absenteeism.Leave policy.Employee break policy.Conflicts of interest.Communication.More items…•

What does it mean to direct someone?

: to cause (someone or something) to turn, move, or point in a particular way. : to cause (someone’s attention, thoughts, emotions, etc.) to relate to a particular person, thing, goal, etc. : to say (something) to a particular person or group. direct. adjective.

What is charge in simple words?

Electric charge is the basic physical property of matter that causes it to experience a force when kept in an electric or magnetic field. … Examples of the types of charges are subatomic particles or the particles of matter: protons are positively charged. electrons are negatively charged.

Whats is a charge?

Charge has many meanings. … Charge is what a cavalry does when it rushes towards enemy lines. A charge is also the cost of something. When you are “in charge,” it means that you are in command of everything.

What does it mean to give someone a charge?

give (one) a charge To cause one to feel enjoyment or excitement. Even as an adult, building sandcastles at the beach still gives me a charge. Doing wheelies on her motorcycle in front of an audience really gives her a charge. See also: charge, give.

What are the 6 codes of conduct?

The Code is delineated in six articles.Article I: I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. … Article II: I will never surrender of my own free will. … Article III: If I am captured I will continue to resist by all means available. … Article IV: … Article V: … Article VI:

What are the code of conduct?

A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the norms, rules, and responsibilities or proper practices of an individual party or an organisation.

What is an example of conduct?

Conduct means to direct, particularly a meeting or a group of musicians. An example of conduct is to lead a meeting. An example of conduct is to lead an orchestra. verb.