What Is A Gym Freak Called?

What is a gym junkie?

Fitness Junkie (noun)– a person who has made working out a part of their daily lives and dedicates all their free time to working out and/or doing physical activities..

What do you call a person who loves fitness?

Gym rat and keep-fit-fanatic are in the dictionary; gym junkie/goer/nerd/enthusiast/aholic and megarexia, muscle head, and fitness freak all seem to be expressions which have been around for some time.

Is food healthy or healthful?

Grammar-loving readers sometimes scold us for our use of the word “healthy,” as in a healthy diet or healthy fat. The proper word is “healthful,” they say, and “healthy” should be reserved for living things. However, it is okay to use the two words interchangeably.

What is the opposite of gym?

What are the antonyms for GYM? idleness, misuse, inaction, fun, inactivity, disuse, rest, pastime, cessation, inertia, stoppage, entertainment, surrender, repose.

What do you call a fitness person?

Most guys who self train at the gym can be referred as “bodybuilders” or “powerlifters”. The term “gym rat” could be used too depending on context, and if the person goes to the gym everyday (5-7 days a week). To the personal trainers or coaches, I guess you’re their “client” or “trainee”.

What’s the meaning of gym?

gymnasiuma place or club where you can go to exercise using machines, weights, and other equipment: I go to the gym twice a week. You should join a gym. A2 [ C ] (also gymnasium)

How do you write a good fitness bio?

Since we’re talking about a fitness bio we’re going to translate that into 3 to 5 sentences of written text….Follow these steps.STEP 1: Define What You Do in One Sentence. … STEP 2: Add Your Most Enticing Qualification in One Sentence. … STEP 3: Add Your Goal in One Sentence. … STEP 4: Include Your Name, Company Name, & Website.

Can you say more healthy?

Both are acceptable. You’ll most often see phrases like eat healthier or eat more healthy foods. But it’s also okay to say eat more healthy, or eat healthier foods. … But the two syllable adjectives like healthy fall on the speaker to decide.

healthfitness,healthiness,heartiness,robustness,sap,soundness,verdure,wellness,More items…

What do you call someone who is healthy?

Noun. A person who is significantly conscious of their health. health freak. fitness freak. health nut.

What’s a fitness enthusiast?

Fitness enthusiasts tend to be well-educated individuals with the discretionary income to spend on health and fitness products and services, such as gym memberships, fitness publications, exercise videos and equipment, according to Michael Fishman, senior client management director at ClientLogic Specialists Marketing …

Can you be addicted to the gym?

Exercise addiction is an unhealthy obsession with physical fitness and exercise. It’s often a result of body image disorders and eating disorders. Exercise addicts display traits similar to those of other addicts, which include: obsessing over the behavior.

How do you become a fitness enthusiast?

7 Steps Of Transformation For A Couch Potato To Become Fitness Enthusiast#1 Get Up and Active. First and foremost, you need to motivate yourself to get up from the couch and begin the fitness game. … #2 Start walking. … #3 Watch out what you eat. … #4 Get social. … #5 Monday exercising is a must. … #6 Yoga. … #7 Home routines.

What is another word for gem?

SYNONYMS FOR gem 2 treasure, prize, jewel, pearl.

What is another name for a gym?

What is another word for gym?gymnasiumspahealth spahealth clubaerobics studioexercise roomfitness centreleisure centresports centresports club24 more rows