Quick Answer: Will A 42mm Band Fit A 38mm Watch?

Will a 42mm band fit a 38mm Apple Watch?

Answer: A: Any 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch band will fit an Apple Watch of the same case size.

Different styles of band may have different lengths, so you may wish to either: …

Or try on the band at an Apple Retail Store..

Will a 42mm band fit a 40mm Apple Watch?

Answer: A: You can match this band with any Apple Watch Series 4 case of the same size. It also works with all previous versions of Apple Watch, including Apple Watch Series 3. The 40mm band works with the 38mm case; the 44mm band works with the 42mm case.

Do all Apple watch bands fit all watches?

Yes. All Watch Bands are compatible with all Watch series and editions. The connector size and shape is the same across all Apple Watches.

Is there a big difference between 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch?

The 42mm Apple Watch has a slightly bigger battery than the 38mm watch due to more room in the casing, and the Series 3 has a slightly bigger battery (same as the Series 2) than the Series 1. There is. With all things being equal in how you use the watch, the 42mm will last longer.

Are Apple watch bands interchangeable between sizes?

Best Answer: Yes, your old Apple Watch bands will fit the new Apple Watch Series 6 as long as you stick with the same size (38mm is the same as 40mm, and 42mm is the same as 44mm.)

Does Apple sell 38mm watch bands?

Modal™ – Active Nylon Watch Band for Apple Watch® 38mm and 40mm – Pink.