Quick Answer: What Is CSI Called In The UK?

Where can I watch CSI in the UK?

You can watch CSI on Channel 5 in the UK but whatever country of the world you are in, they are probably showing this series on a local channel in dubbed version or subtitles..

What TV network is CSI on?

CBSCSI: Crime Scene Investigation/Networks

What is a CSI called?

Crime scene investigators (CSIs) go by many names, including evidence technician, crime scene technician, forensic investigator, crime scene analyst, criminalistics officer and more. In the past, most CSIs were trained police officers.

What does a crime scene investigator do UK?

As a crime scene investigator, you’ll be involved in securing and protecting crime scenes, and collecting evidence from crime scenes, post-mortems and other incidents, such as fires and suspicious deaths. … Crime scene investigators are sometimes known as scenes of crime officers or forensic scene investigators.

How much do CSI make a month?

A Crime Scene Investigator in your area makes on average $4,382 per month, or $101 (2%) more than the national average monthly salary of $4,281. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Crime Scene Investigator salaries.

Can you be a CSI without being a cop?

If you want to be a Crime Scene Technician you usually need less formal education. Some agencies require you be a sworn police officer before becoming a Crime Scene Investigator—most do not.

What is a good salary in the UK?

Majority of the families will have 2 people working. Or one with a take home of minimum of 3k. Based on that, a good salary would be anything of 3k and up take home, which before tax would equal to 50k a year. Average Family of 3, London/South East, 2 cars, mortgage/rent of 3/4 bed house.

What are the requirements to be a CSI?

Job requirements are: Associate’s degree and CSI certificate from a community college OR one year experience in crime scene investigations OR two years experience as an evidence technician with a law enforcement agency. Valid Class C California driver’s license. Successful background check/and drug test.

Where can I watch all the CSI episodes?

Hulu captures exclusive streaming rights to every season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

How much do CSI get paid UK?

The starting salary for a CSI is around £17,000 a year. A CSI with experience may earn up to £28,000. A senior CSI may earn up to around £35,000 a year, depending on the police force and their responsibilities. Shift, on-call, and weekend working allowances may be paid.

What channel is CSI on in the UK?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation | Sony Channel UK.

Is being a CSI dangerous?

Many of the moments when a crime scene investigator faces danger on the small screen involve taking risks during detective work. In real life, though, CSIs and forensic science technicians don’t do this work at all. … As a result, CSI careers are less dangerous than those of police officers and detectives.