Quick Answer: What Does Flex Class Mean?

What does Flex mean in college?

A “flex term” is a term that offers flexibility to students.

These are seven week semesters that begin at the start of a traditional semester (for example, Fall 1) or that start in the middle of the traditional semester (for example, Fall 2)..

What is a live flex class?

FLEX courses allow you to choose the delivery format that works best for you. You can choose from live instruction in-person, on campus or over Zoom. … These courses offer control over your educational experience that you won’t find in traditional face-to-face or online formats.

What is Flex class in middle school?

A flex block is a flexible time period set aside in the school day that gives students time for extra help or enrichment opportunities. In addition to helping students catch up or meet competencies, it allows them to pursue topics and activities that interest them.

How do high school periods work?

A school period is a block of time allocated for lessons, classes in schools. They typically last between 30 and 60 minutes, with around 3-10 periods per school day. Educators determine the number and length of these periods, and may even regulate how each period will be used. …

What is a flex mod schedule?

Modular Scheduling or Flexible modular scheduling or Flex Scheduling is a form of academic year scheduling in which a school day is broken into many 10-‐20 minute modules or “mods.” The modular scheduling technique resembles some common college scheduling schemes.

What is flex in person?

In this Flex In-Person model, the instructor and students are on campus. … They meet with each of the groups in the classroom once a week, with the rest of the students attending class sessions via Zoom.

How does Outschool work for teachers?

How it WorksList. Add your teacher profile and list your classes. … Get enrollments. Answer questions from parents, while Outschool handles enrollments and payments. … Teach your classes. You’re responsible for delivering a great learning experience. … Repeat! Learners who like your classes will want to take more from you.

What is a flex start class?

Flex Start classes provide students with opportunities to enroll in classes that start at different times throughout the semester and allow students to complete courses in a shorter period of time. These fast-paced, short-term classes do not reduce the amount of student work or effort required to succeed in the course.

What is a Flex class in high school?

Flex is a block of time offered four days a week for 65 minutes (the same length as all other blocks of time). It allows students to broaden, strengthen and accelerate their academic portfolios through access to a variety of courses.

What platform does Outschool use?

Outschool uses an app called Zoom as its video chat platform. Zoom works with all kinds of devices and operating systems. If you want you can read more about the Zoom technical requirements, but you don’t need to – for 99% of people, it just works.