Quick Answer: Should I Buy Bumper Plates?

Who makes the best bumper plates?

TOP 10 Best Bumper Plates For CrossFit & Weightlifting Reviewed 2020Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper Plates.Rogue Bumper Plates by Hi-Temp.Fringe Sport Bumper Plates.Fringe Sport Contrast Bumper Plate Pairs.Fringe Sport Color Bumper Plate Sets.Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Discs.CAP Barbell Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate.More items….

Is it OK to drop bumper plates on concrete?

As you can see, it’s totally safe to drop bumper plates on concrete. You can use your Fringe Sport bumper plates and drop them to your heart’s content without damaging the plates or the concrete underneath them.

Can you use bumper plates for bench press?

To progress your bench press, you’ll want to have a variety of weights on hand. Bumper plates are also a nice addition to your setup as they won’t cause too much damage to your floors if you drop them compared to traditional iron weights.

Should I buy bumper plates or iron plates?

Even if you just prefer bumper plates over cast iron for general strength training (that is, not CrossFit/Olympic lifting), you still have to consider pricing. Bumpers tend to cost more cash per pound than steel. … At the end of the day, for Olympic lifts you’ll want bumpers. For everything else, iron will do.

Are bumper plates harder to lift?

I hate to be the one to burst your bumper plate bubble, but deadlifting with bumpers is significantly easier when compared to iron plates. This doesn’t mean that your coveted PR no longer stands. … When you PR your deadlift using bumper plates, you obviously still lifted the weight.

Can bumper plates be left outside?

Black bumpers can reach astonishing temperatures if you leave them exposed to direct sunlight. You could get a UV blocking tarp (e.g. thicc tarp or tarp with a treatment) and throw it over everything that way they are exposed to just heat/cold/moisture and not UV.

Why do Crossfitters drop weights?

Inappropriate handling of the barbells weakens the integrity of our equipment, creating safety issues for you, our members, and can cause costly damage. The reason to drop weights is for safety, not for fun, convenience or out of laziness (“I’m tired”).

Are bumper plates heavier?

After a few seconds or so, those bumpers will feel just as heavy as the metal plates. … Essentially, they start off the deadlift by pushing down on the bar first to use the elastic energy from the bumpers to help them break the bar from the ground.

What’s the point of bumper plates?

Bumper plates are solid rubber plates with an iron hub in the center to shape and protect the center hole. They are made for dropping from as high as overhead, for the clean-and-jerk and snatch, the two olympic lifts done at at weightlifting competitions, the Olympic Games and Crossfit Games.

What’s the difference between bumper plates and weight plates?

Unlike standard weight plates, where each unique weight is also a different diameter, bumper plates are all the same diameter. Instead of varying in physical size (45 lbs. being the largest and then working down from there), they vary in thickness and construction.

Can you mix bumper plates with regular plates?

It’s Okay to Mix Bumper Plates Together With Iron Plates Mixing bumper plates helps to protect your floor and barbell from damage. You can buy quality bumper or iron plates from Fringe Sport.

How long do bumper plates last?

If so, how long is it? Good bumper plates are have a minimum of a one year warranty. Width, Collar Opening, & Diameter: The diameter of bumper plates should be as close to 450MM as possible as this is the IWF standard. The thinner the plates, the better as it will mean more weight can fit on the bar.

Are rubber plates better than metal?

Rubber bumper plates are designed for Olympic lifting, where dumping the bar from height is common. They don’t break in half and they won’t damage your gym floor. Cast iron plates are more old school. They’re versatile and can be used for pretty much anything – but they can break if you drop them.

Can you deadlift without bumper plates?

And – most relevantly – weightlifters can perform deadlifts with proper form all without bumper plates. … Still, specifically with deadlifts, if you have the income at your disposal, there are too many benefits offered by bumper plates to ignore.

Do bumper plates smell?

They don’t smell as bad as when I first got them, but my weight room still has an overall background odor of rubber. It would probably be more offensive to someone who wasn’t used to it. Keep an open tub of pig intestines next to them in the living room. You probably won’t smell the bumpers anymore.