Quick Answer: How Do I Get My Lifetime Membership Number For Weight Watchers?

Will Medicare pay for Weight Watchers?

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) does cover weight loss programs, therapy, screenings and surgery if your doctor or health care provider decides that treatment is medically necessary.

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans also cover weight loss programs when they’re medically necessary..

Can I do Weight Watchers for free?

Can I do Weight Watchers for free? YES YOU CAN! Weight Watchers is a great program because it’s not really a diet – you don’t limit any specific food intake, you just watch your portions and count points. Doing Weight Watchers for FREE is even better.

Can I pause my Weight Watchers membership?

You cannot pause your Weight Watchers membership, but you can go back to using the program in case you decide you need it again.

How do I find out if I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers?

If you don’t have your Lifetime Membership number, you can call 1-800-651-6000 and request it, or email us.

What is my healthy weight range Weight Watchers?

How is BMI calculated?BMI (kg/m)2Weight Range< 18.5Underweight18.5-24.9Healthy Weight25.0-29.9Overweight30.0 or higherObese

Can you join Weight Watchers if you’re not overweight?

Weight Watchers OnlinePlus is intended for use only by healthy adult individuals and is not intended for use by minors or individuals with any type of health condition. … For more information, you should review our Health Notice and Consumer Bill of Rights, which are incorporated by reference.

How do I reach lifetime on Weight Watchers?

To obtain a Lifetime membership, you’ll need to:Be 18 or older.Join as a Workshops + Digital member. … When you join, you must have at least 5 lbs to lose and a BMI over 20.Reach your goal weight within a healthy BMI. … Complete the 6-week maintenance program. … Weigh in at least twice at your Workshop.More items…

Do seniors get a discount at Weight Watchers?

No, Weight Watchers does not offer senior discounts.

Can I join Weight Watchers Online if I am a lifetime member?

Lifetime membership is a way for us to recognize and honor members who have reached—and maintained—their personal weight loss goal. When you achieve Lifetime, you’ll receive a free subscription to our digital tools and unlimited Workshops!

Do Weight Watchers lifetime members have to pay for missed meetings?

As a Lifetime Member, you don’t have to pay for any missed meetings unless you haven’t weighed in at a Weight Watchers meeting in the previous calendar month or are 2 lbs above your goal weight. If you are at goal but missed a month, you will only have to pay for the missed monthly weigh-in.

What should my goal weight be on Weight Watchers?

Take the calculated number and subtract it from your current weight to determine your initial goal weight. For example, if you weigh 250 pounds: 250 x . 10 = 25. When you subtract 25 from 250, you get 225, which is your initial goal weight.

What is Weight Watchers standard cancellation policy?

Our fees, including the full monthly fee for any month (or portion thereof) elapsed (regardless of whether you participated in Coaching or logged onto the Website or Apps during that month), and any sign-up or registration fee, are nonrefundable except as set forth below: (1) If you are canceling your membership within …

Is there a 15 lb WW charm?

WW milestone charms are given out at various weight-loss intervals starting at five pounds and up to 200 pounds, plus when you reach your goal weight. … Weight Watchers online gives charms at 5, 10 and 25 (skipping 10 & 15) as well as the bigger weight loss milestone charms.

Which Weight Watchers plan is the most strict?

What is the WW Green Plan and Who is it Best For? The GREEN PLAN is essentially the “SmartPoints Beyond the Scale” with a unique SmartPoints Budget plus 100+ ZeroPoint foods including fruits and non-starchy vegetables. It provides more accountability than the Blue and Purple plans.

What happens when you reach your goal on Weight Watchers?

When you’ve reached your weight loss goal, you’ll enter Maintenance (or, if you’re not yet in your healthy weight range, you can set a new goal). The Weight Tracker will walk you through those choices.