Question: Which Is Better Golf Ball Pro V1 Or Pro V1x?

Can high handicappers use Pro v1?

For mid to high handicapper golfers looking to score low, the Titleist Pro V1x is an ideal choice..

What is the longest golf ball for seniors?

Quick Overview – Best Golf Balls for Seniors In 2020.1 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls – Best for Seniors.2 Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Consistent.3 Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball – Longer Distances.4 TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls – For Speed Lovers.5 Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls – Better Control.More items…

Which golf ball goes the farthest?

Titleist Pro V1xAnalyzing the individual ball statistics we can see that the Titleist Pro V1x averaged the farthest distance as well at 266.7 yards. Meanwhile, the Callaway Chrome Soft X averaged the shortest distance at only 259.3 yards.

What is the difference between a Pro v1 and Pro v1x?

Each of the new 2019 golf balls has a new 2.0 ZG Process Core and a 17 percent thinner Cast Thermoset Urethane Elastomer cover. The Pro V1 (left) has 352 dimples, while the Pro V1x has 328 dimples. Click here for technical information about the new 2019 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls.

What golf ball is similar to Pro v1x?

There are several balls on the market that have both similar construction and produce similar results including the Callaway Chrome Soft and Srixon Z-Star. However, one of the most notable competitors to the Pro V1 is Bridgestone’s B330-S.

Are Pro v1 good for beginners?

The Winner The Titleist Pro V1 is the best golf ball for beginners due to its durability and how it provides a distance increase off the tee box. For the amateur, the Pro V1 supplies an excellent golf ball option for creating more spin and better control.

What swing speed is needed for Pro v1?

85-95 mphKey criteria for the best golf balls at average swing speeds Anything between 55 and 70 will be a good choice for your swing speed. 85-95 mph swing speed is fast enough to put a decent move on the ball so medium compression golf balls are an excellent choice.

Why are Pro v1 golf balls so expensive?

The reason they are so expensive is because they are 1) the highest quality golf ball and 2) Titleist has brand recognition that they have built over decades. There are many other balls in the same class as the Pro V1 that sell for the same price or maybe $1 cheaper.

Is Pro v1 the best ball?

While Titleist insists the ProV1 is suitable for all golfers, regardless of ability or clubhead speed, it remains what it’s always been: a ball for better players.

Are vice golf balls as good as Pro v1?

sing a mid-iron (6-iron in test), the Vice PRO car- ried more than the Titleist ProV1 (176.4 yds vs. 174.8 yds) and spun slightly more (5481 rpm vs. 5453 rpm). n the short game (wedge test), the Vice PRO spins more than the Titleist ProV1 (8961.1 rpm vs.

What is the best golf ball for slow swing speed?

Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed (2020 Edition)Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls – Editor’s Choice.Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls – Best On A Budget.TaylorMade Project Golf Balls – Best Slow Swing Speed Golf Balls For Mid Or Low Handicappers.Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls – Best Slow Swing Speed Golf Ball For Feel.More items…

What golf ball does Tiger Woods use 2020?

Bridgestone Tour B XS— Tiger Woods will play his first event of 2020 with some new tools in the bag. Woods is putting the new Taylormade SIM driver and a new Bridgestone Tour B XS golf ball in play this week at the Farmers Insurance Open.