Question: What Is The OTbeat App?

How fast do you see results with Orangetheory?

3-4 months for me to see it and 6 months for everyone else…

I go 3 to 4 times a week and count calories.

I also used a food scale and avoided treats at work.

I’m 5’2” and also count (carefully, food scale, etc.).

How do you charge an OTbeat?

Charging Device:Open rubber port cover on back of device.Plug in mini-USB connector into device port.Plug in regular USB connector into charging block.Plug in charging block into wall outlet.

What is the new Orangetheory app?

Orangetheory Fitness employees will also operate a new app called OTassist on iPads that will allow them to check members into classes, manage class schedules and check in on member performance.

How do I use my Orangetheory heart rate monitor with my phone?

* OTbeat has Bluetooth compatibility and will connect with your smart phone for use outside of the studio! Simply download any fitness app compatible with a heart rate monitor and off you go in hot pursuit of some outdoor orange time.

Does Orangetheory build muscle?

While it’s true in theory that HIIT is effective, Orange Theory’s execution is incorrect. Their fan base is losing steam since Orange Theory is neither the best workout for weight loss, nor the best way to build muscle.

How much does the OTbeat burn cost?

OT is launching a new arm monitor, OTBeat Burn that’s available for purchase now for $109 (to compare, the OTbeat Core, is $69). When you walk into the studio, the machines will pick up on the monitor and your name will appear on the tablet of the one closest to you.

How do I connect my Apple Watch to OTF?

Orangetheory Fitness Shrewsbury Plaza 💥 Select settings on your Apple Watch and turn on Bluetooth and turn your OTbeat Burn on. 💥 Select your OTbeat Burn under Bluetooth to connect devices. 💥Select the Apple Workout App and then select the type of workout on the watch.

What is ot beat app?

OTbeat Link is a separate device that’s attached to the Apple Watch band. It allows members to sync their Apple Watch directly with the monitors in an Orangetheory class to track calories burned, heart rate, and Splat points. … OTF also created a new version of its app for Apple Watch to coincide with the OTbeat Link.

Does Orangetheory actually work?

The answer is yes, OTF works because the workouts are intense. They jack your heart rate up and work your whole body — everything a workout should do when you’re looking to get in and out in an hour. You can certainly burn a lot of calories during OTF.

Is Orangetheory twice a week enough?

So, yes! Two workouts a week is perfect in the beginning, but I would encourage members to consider adding one day per week for every month you’re a member (if it’s your second month, bump it to three workouts a week, and then in your third month, bump it up to four workouts a week). Just a personal suggestion.

How many times a week should you do Orangetheory?

Those who are members of Orangetheory Fitness will stand by it through-and-through. The “afterburn” theory can play a major component in fat-burning, but many enthusiasts do claim it doesn’t come easy. For optimal results, you may want to attend four to six sessions per week, along with a healthy diet.

Will I lose weight with Orangetheory?

“Yes, it’s all about the calorie burn,” explained registered dietitian and ACSM-certified personal trainer Jim White, owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios. “With high-intensity training, you can burn a lot of calories and assist in weight loss.

Is Orange Theory for Beginners?

“The biggest misconception is that you need to be in good shape or ‘fit’ in order to do an Orangetheory workout,” Jamie said. “The truth is that our workout is geared for all levels of fitness, and everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace.” It’s true.

Orangetheory FitnessCustomers can purchase the OTbeat Link early next year at Orangetheory Fitness locations for $129.

How expensive is Orangetheory?

Basic (four classes a month) costs $59; Elite (eight a month) $99; and Premier (unlimited) $159. You can add additional classes to Basic and Elite for $14 and $12 respectively, and family members can join for a reduced rate. In addition, you can use your membership at any Orangetheory center around the country.

Can I do Orangetheory at home?

Upgrade Your At-Home Workout for Free with Our App. In addition to our daily workouts, you’ll find a complete at-home fitness program in the Orangetheory app.

Which Orange Theory heart rate monitor is best?

OT Core pros:Without a doubt, the OT Core offers the most real-time, accurate heart rate of all the monitors. … In my experience (I wore this HR monitor for about a year), the OT Core has the least Bluetooth lag-time connectivity and offered the most consistency from class to class.More items…•

Is it bad to be in the red zone at Orangetheory?

This is your uncomfortable zone, which creates EPOC. You should stay in this zone for 12 to 20 minutes of your workout. Red zone: 92-100 percent of your maximum heart-rate.

Can I use Orangetheory heart rate monitor?

Orangetheory’s new OTbeatLink lets members use their own Apple Watch instead of the brand’s separate heart rate monitor during exercise classes. The OTbeatLink tracks your heart rate during Orangetheory classes.

Is Orange theory worth the money?

I won’t lie, I feel it’s very pricey, but depending on your fitness goals, it can be worth it. I have an unlimited monthly package for $149/month. You can also get a package for 4 classes/month and 8 classes/month which is more affordable. I am trying to go 3 days a week so the unlimited works best for me.

What apps can I use with my Orangetheory heart rate monitor?

Here’s a list of apps your OTBeat will work with: DigiFit, iCardio, UnderArmor 39, Nike+, MapMyFitness and FitBit. Make sure you sync your OTBeat with your phone/app outside of the studio, you don’t want to contend with 30 other pods! First LIVE class is July 1st at 3 pm, we are STOKED!