Question: How Do You Get High Marks In EPQ?

Can an EPQ be over 5000 words?

A written project should consist of 5000 words, whereas the production of an artefact for your EPQ must include a written report of between 1000-5000 words..

What is a good EPQ score?

EPQ proficiency levels Intermediate (1250-2500 EPQ) Advanced (2500-3750 EPQ) Expert (3750-4250 EPQ)

What grades are 80 UCAS points?

A level UCAS points table (Old Tariff)GradeUCAS PointsB100C80D60E402 more rows

Can you get an A * in EPQ?

How many UCAS points do you get for an EPQ? An EPQ is equivalent to half an A level, and is worth more than an AS. With an EPQ you are able to achieve an A* grade, unlike with an AS level, so it can be worth more tariff points.

How hard is it to get an A * in EPQ?

As of June 2017, 97.7% of people taking EPQs achieve an E grade or better. This sounds good, but there are a few hidden factors that you might not be aware of. For one, only 17.7 % of students achieved an A* for their EPQ. That means only 17.7% of students earned the maximum of 28 UCAS points for all their hard work.

Can you do EPQ year 13?

There’s no set time limit for doing an EPQ, but most students use the summer vacation at the end of Year 12 to do the preliminary research and then complete the project in the early part of Year 13. It is a formal ‘level 3’ qualification that attracts slightly higher UCAS Tariff points than a new AS-Level.

Can I drop EPQ?

You should be able to. EPQs don’t really count as part of the offer and if you feel it’s giving you too much stress, you should speak to your teacher and ask them if it’s possible to drop it. All that research will feel like it’s gone to waste but it shouldn’t really.

Is 4 A levels and an EPQ too much?

No point doing 4 A Levels and an EPQ as the entry requirements are purely based on 3 suitable A Levels. As long as you’ve got the right subjects and are doing it in the 2 year time frame you’re fine with doing 3 A Levels. Doing 4 A Levels and an EPQ doesn’t increase your chances!

How do you mark an EPQ?

How is the EPQ marked? You’ll need to get a grade between A* and E in order to be awarded the EPQ – anything lower than an E means you don’t get the qualification, so it’s slightly different from A-levels in that respect.

Can I do an EPQ at home?

While it may technically be possible to take the EPQ from home education, the cost and difficulty involved in arranging it means that it is not a realistic option for most.

How do you succeed in EPQ?

What will you achieve?Select, develop and refine an appropriate topic area for your project.Find and evaluate appropriate resources and use these to inform and support your project.Manage your time in order to complete the project effectively.Plan and structure a piece of academic writing.More items…

Can EPQ lower entry requirements?

You should be predicted grade A in your EPQ. You will only receive an offer if your A-Level predicted grades meet our minimum thresholds and are in relevant subjects. … If successful, we may make you a lower A-Level offer based on your achieved grade in your EPQ.

Should I do an EPQ?

You can include it on your UCAS application, and it could help you meet the conditions of a university place offer, as it’s worth extra points. The opportunity to produce a piece of work that’s truly individual, whether it’s a written research report, event or creative artefact.

How many marks is an EPQ out of?

In 2019, the grade boundaries for the AQA EPQ were, out of a possible fifty marks, 45 for an A*, 40 for an A, 35 for a B, and 30 for a C. For Edexcel, the maximum mark is 54, in one of those wacky moves that exam boards make.

What is an EPQ worth?

Our popular Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) allows students to extend their abilities beyond the A-level syllabus and prepare for university or their future career. It is worth half an A-level (28 UCAS points) so can be used to earn extra UCAS points.

What does EPQ stand for?

Extended Project QualificationAn EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) is, to put it simply, a BIG independent project for which you’ll earn a qualification.

What makes an A * EPQ?

Getting an A* on your EPQ begins with picking a creative, individual and exciting question that is both specific and sufficiently broad to provide a detailed response. Above all, the most successful EPQs are those that genuinely interest the participant.

How many UCAS points is an A * EPQ?

The EPQ is a standalone qualification and is often taken by students to in addition to their A level studies. Around 30,000 students take an EPQ each year….Extended Project.GradePointsA*28A24B20C162 more rows•Jan 17, 2019