Question: Can I Use My IPhone As A Cycle Computer?

What is the best app for cycle routes?

Top 10 apps for cycle commutersGoogle Maps.


iPhone and Android.

Bike Hub Journey Planner.


iPhone and Android.


Free (Elite version £7.99).



Free (in-app purchases).

iPhone and Android.

London Cyclist.



Fill That Hole.


Met Office Weather.

Free (£2.99 for ad-free version).

National Rail Enquiries.

Free.More items….

Does the Apple Health app track calories burned?

Total calories (active calories + resting calories = total calories) can be viewed via the Activity app on your iPhone: … Active and Resting calories can also be viewed via the Health app on your iPhone: On your iPhone, in the Health app, go to: Health Data (tab) > Activity > Active / Resting Energy.

Which is better wired or wireless bike computer?

Wired cycle computers only have one battery to run down, but make your bike look untidy and the wires can get damaged. Wireless bike computers need a battery in the transmitter as well as the head unit, but are tidier and have no wires to snag.

What’s the best free cycling app?

7 free cycling appsBest app for tracking your activity – Strava. … Best app for route planning – CycleStreets. … Best app for sharing your route with friends – Map My Ride. … Best app for scheduling your rides – Cyclemeter. … Best app for accurate weather forecasts – Rain Alarm. … Best app for first aid – First Aid for Cyclists.More items…

What’s better than strava?

Other interesting Strava alternatives are RunKeeper (Freemium), Google Fit (Free), GPXSee (Free, Open Source) and Runtastic (Freemium).

What does a bike computer do?

A cyclocomputer, cycle computer, cycling computer or cyclometer is a device mounted on a bicycle that calculates and displays trip information, similar to the instruments in the dashboard of a car. The computer with display, or head unit, usually is attached to the handlebar for easy viewing.

Where do you keep your phone when cycling?

Inner Tube Bag.Top Tube Bag. … Armband. … Osprey Daylite Pack. … Camelbak. … Topeak Large Aero Pack. … Pants Pocket. Very few carry a cell phone in their pants pocket. … Jersey Pocket. Probably the most common place to put your cell is in one of those pockets on the back of a cycling jersey. … More items…

Is strava accurate?

Strava is about as accurate as the GPS that feeds it data. If that’s your phone, it may depend where you wear or carry your phone – your body can occlude the signal from some of the satellites making it somewhat less accurate. Strava is about as accurate as the GPS that feeds it data.

Can my iPhone track my bike ride?

Select “Activity,” and you can track cycling distance, exercise minutes, flights climbed, wheelchair distance, and many others.

What is cycle of computer?

The best GPS bike computers, in orderWahoo ELEMNT Bolt. Best GPS bike computer. … Garmin Edge 520 Plus. Best Garmin bike computer for most riders. … Lezyne Super GPS. Best cheap bike computer – great for more casual users. … Garmin Edge 1030. Best Premium bike computer. … Cateye Padrone Smart+ … Lezyne Mega XL GPS. … Polar Unisex V650.

Is strava worth paying for?

For more than a decade Strava users have been able to enjoy the competition of segments and leaderboards completely free, but that how now changed. … Good move to leverage a more subscription-based model, it’s not a lot per month and if you find it a valuable tool it’s worth it if it’s that or no Strava.

What is the best bike computer?

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. Photo Credit : Wahoo. … Garmin Edge 830. Photo Credit : Garmin. … Garmin Edge 1030. A Massive 3.5″ Screen for the Data Geeks. … Wahoo Elemnt Roam. Photo Credit : Wahoo. … Lezyne Mega XL. Photo Credit : Lezyne. … Hammerhead Karoo. Hammerhead Karoo Bike Computer. … Garmin Edge 130. Photo Credit : Garmin. … Cateye Velo 7.More items…•

Do you need a cycling computer?

The No. 1 reason to go with a GPS bike computer is for battery life. A smartphone running a GPS app like Strava or MapMyRide may only last a few hours, whereas many bike computers can get up to 16 hours. Commuters may not have this issue, but you don’t want to be out on a 60-mile ride and have your phone die.

Does Apple watch automatically track cycling?

When you run or walk, your Apple Watch taps you every mile or kilometer, and it shows you an update on the screen. If you’re cycling, your Apple Watch taps you every five miles or kilometers instead.

Is Garmin or iPhone more accurate?

Officially, the iPhone 6s running Strava and the iPhone 6s Plus running Endomondo were the most accurate in our test (±0.67%), followed closely by the Garmin Edge 520 (+1%). The Garmin Edge 520 does deserve props, however, because it was more consistent than the iPhones.