Question: Can I Use My Costco Rebate Check Online?

How do I check my Costco rewards balance?

Easiest way to check your Citi Costco credit card rewards balance is online, from your account at

Or, on the go, use the Citi mobile app.

Calling is also an option, and the number is (800) 374-9700..

What month does Costco send out rebate checks?

Costco Cash Rewards from Citi are distributed annually with your February credit card billing statement. If you’ve signed up for paperless statements, you’ll receive it via email instead.

How long are Costco rebate checks good for?

6 monthsJust bring the cheque in, Costco will cash it or give you a new one. Akitakara wrote: IIRC: Expiry date is usually 4 or 6 months. It’s written on the front in the bottom right.

Can I cash my Costco rebate check?

Reward certificates can be redeemed for merchandise or cash (which may be fulfilled in an alternative form, such as a check or electronic transfer, at Costco’s discretion).

What do I do if I lost my Costco rebate check?

We understand things get lost or misplaced. You can request a replacement credit card reward certificate through Citi® Online. Log in to Citi Online.

Can someone else use my Costco rewards?

Only you and authorized users on your card can redeem your certificate. You can’t give it to someone else. If you’ve earned less than $1 in rewards, you won’t get a certificate and will lose that money.