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The Generalist’s Repository

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The Generalist’s Repository

Hello everyone; welcome to my website – Mark Lawton.Com titled “The Generalist’s Repository”

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Horstmann Automatic Gas Controller
Horstmann Automatic Gas Controller

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many thousands of visitors already for having a look at my site, and keeping a look out for new articles.

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I don’t aim to be an “expert” or a “specialist” on any one subject, but a “generalist“, where the potential problem(s) can be clearly defined; although I will attempt some answers and possible solutions to the problem(s) as well. They are based upon many main general topics; Hence “The Generalist’s Repository” is an apt title.

Specialist Vs Generalist
Specialist Vs Generalist

This website is a collection of ideas, suggestions, help with some projects on popular and not so popular subjects that I am gradually putting together; hence they are called collectively “The Generalist’s Repository”.

NSPCC. Cruelty to children must stop. FULL STOP

I had been thinking of a title for this website, and apart for my domain name, which is my own name Mark Lawton; I thought “The Generalist’s Repository” would be an appropriate secondary title, as this website is aiming to be fairly general in nature and also about diverse subjects; however  the subjects are not always related to each other.

Like anything else in life, what this starts out to be, and what it will become may well be two different things as it “evolves” as they say. Very often as an idea matures, it heads off in a totally new direction, but nonetheless it’s total is the sum of it’s individual parts.

An idea may come to me, or a problem and I may think “aha!“, I wonder if anyone else has had this problem, and did they sort it out; or if they would like to know what a certain item is, or what it does, and how to repair or maintain it.

Another area may be not only what an item does, but how can I fix it, maybe for free, or very cheaply.

Also any modifications, add-ons, or extras may be covered; how to fit them, and where to get them from.

In “The Generalist’s Repository” another key aim is to make things work that didn’t, and also to bypass being ripped off, paying over the odds, or being victimised by cowboys.

Enjoy it, and I hope it helps; and as they say “every little helps”

Check back for new topics and links. The pictures are a combination of my own, and appropriate material sourced elsewhere on the web.

Mark Lawton

The Illustrations below sourced from the web illustrate the Generalist’s vs Specialist’s approach.

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Each type of person has its own place, and neither one is better than the other.

Generalist-vs-specialist There are two sides of the coin; the Generalist & Specialist defined below…One compliments the other!Generalist-vs-specialist

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Osteospermum - African Pride
Osteospermum – African Pride
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Please visit the charity Icons on here, as I am also writing about some topics that may touch on certain human and social issues. If anything shown here helps you personally, then I am pleased for you, and may it benefit you – so thanks for looking at my site.
I accept no responsibility whatsoever for any injuries sustained while carrying out any of the suggested science or electronic projects here, or acting on any information provided.

Thank You

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Mark Lawton

The Generalist’s Repository

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The Generalist's Repository